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Who says you have to be in a relationship with someone else you enjoy Valentine's Day?

Here are Ten Valentine's Day things you can do if you are single. 


1) Go to the movies! You can go knowing you don't have the extra cost of an additional ticket AND you don't have someone there to hog all of your perfectly salted buttery popcorn! 


2) Host an Anti-V-day party. Go all out with a "Love Hurts" theme and use all black decorations. Invite all of your single friends and rock out with the J. Geils Band!

3) Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a relaxing deep tissue massage. Go get a manicure and a pedicure. Go to the spa and try that seaweed wrap everyone is always talking about! 

4) Get out of town! Go be adventurous. Drive south for 5 hours with no map and when you get there, eat at a little local diner, maybe check into a little bed and breakfast. Explore the world with no expectations. 


5) Go to the gym. Love starts with yourself. Get heart healthy, while getting those endorphins flowing!


6) Treat yourself to a nice fancy dinner. Call up a few friends and get all dolled up for dinner and drinks. Wear those fancy heels that you have in the back of your closet. Finally learn how to apply those false eyelashes! Get out there and have a great time!


7) Family fun. Be the super cool Uncle or Aunt. Call up your friends or siblings with kids and volunteer to babysit. Feed the kids candy and sweets they wouldn't normally get from mom and dad. Apply some temporary tattoos! Stage a few funny photos of the kids pretending to get into mischief to send to the parents letting them know the kids are "just fine". Take them to build a bear and build memories they will cherish for a lifetime!  

8)Puppy Love! Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Help walk the dogs and bathe them. Puppy kisses are an instant mood booster! 


9) Go to a comedy club. Smiles are contagious! Laugh until your sides hurt!

10) Play Hookie! Take a day to binge watch your favorite tv show, watch all those movies you have DVRed so you can delete them, or finally finish that quest in the video game you are into right now. You will feel both relaxed and somewhat accomplished by the end of the day!

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