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http://mirabel.jsmproperties.com/sites/mirabel.jsmproperties.com/assets/images/Blog_Misc/pet-care_moving-with-your-pets_main-image.jpgUtilities switched, moving truck reserved, new home secured, boxes packed – as you work through your moving checklist, are you forgetting something? Have you taken steps to make the move as easy as possible for the family member who has no say about your relocation: the family pet?

While pets add an element to any move, it doesn’t have to be a stressful one, for you or your pet. Here are some pet-friendly moving tips to make the transition go as smoothly as possible for everyone in the family, including the four-legged members.


A door gets left open during the actual move, a pet escapes from a carrier or hotel room during a stopover – moving can be chaotic, and even the most well-behaved, homebody pet can get lost and confused during a move. Take steps to help increase the chance that a lost pet can be returned to you. Microchip your cat or dog before you move. One Ohio State University study found that lost pets with microchips are more likely to be reunited with their families than pets who aren’t chipped.

While animal shelters and veterinarians are most often equipped to detect and read microchips, the average Good Samaritan is not. So be sure to also have your pet wear a collar with an ID tag that includes his or her name and your mobile phone number. If the worst does happen and your pet gets lost during your move, notify animal shelters and veterinarian offices in your

June 01, 2016 @ 12:00am

Tips for Reducing Cooking Smells in Your Apartment

Fish, garlic, spicy vittles—do you avoid home-cooking some of of your favorite foods for fear that their smells will linger too long in your apartment? You’re not alone. Grease and odors can make their way through an apartment faster than you can say Curry Chicken. Don’t let worries about the way your apartment will smells hold you back from cooking great meals. Good food is important to a good life!


Here are some tried and true ways to reduce the staying power of those powerful smells, so that you can enjoy whatever kind of cooking you like:

  1. Shut it out. When you’re cooking, close other doors in your apartment to keep the cooking smells contained in and around the kitchen. Remember that bedrooms and bathrooms tend to have lots of linens, and linens readily absorb grease and odors.

    2. Blow it away. If your stove has a vent, use it when you’re cooking, and not only when there’s smoke. If weather permits, open windows while cooking. Even better, set a fan so

March 01, 2016 @ 12:00am

Decorating with Rugs

Rugs are both fun, and functional. With rug options varying from chic to shag there is surely a rug out there to match everyone's decor.

Using rugs to define separate spaces.http://mirabel.jsmproperties.com/sites/mirabel.jsmproperties.com/assets/images/Blog_Misc/Rug-Define-Space.jpg

Rugs help separate a space especially if you have an open floor plan. A rug helps anchor the living room vs the dining room, the bedroom vs the sitting area, etc.

February 02, 2016 @ 12:00am


Spend your evenings in luxury with these easy bedroom upgrades.



Keep the floor empty.

A cluttered bedroom never looks luxurious, so always keep the floor clean and orderly. Even stacks of old magazines or piles of books on the floor have got to go.

Add some additional lighting.

The light from above is great, but having a nice lamp on the nightstand or just above the head board is a must for late night readers, and your eyes will thank you too.

Rethink your nightstand.

If you're like most humans, your nightstand is a hodgepodge of everyday items from lotions to charging cords, half-full glasses of water, quarter-finished novels, etc. it is time to clear all of that up. Do the dishes, and put the lotion in a basket, cords can be tucked away in a drawer when not in use, and the books can be narrowed down to one or two.

Focus on the statement pieces.

A large 4 posted bed frame; a mirrored dresser; a tufted arm chair — each bedroom has its own centerpiece, but make sure it's the room's focus. Don't clutter the room with too much f

December 30, 2015 @ 12:00am


We all already experience enough chaos in our day to day lives, so coming home should offer some relief; however, if you are making these design choices your home life is likely stressing you out.  Here are a few things you can do to help release some stress.



A few extra pillows can make your couch or bed feel infinitely more cozy, but overdoing it could leave you feeling stressed. Not only do they limit the space you have to actually sit, extra throw pillows are destined to end up strewn on the floor. A recent study found that cluttered homes increased levels of stress hormones. Just stick with a few of your favorites.



Even if you don't have a spacious walk-in closet and just use the coat closet, there's no excuse for tossing your shoes onto the floor. Invest in a hanging rack, st

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